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A computer system audit of your offices  - this is where to begin if you want to join the sircles.net computer support network or start with email hosting.

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The simple fact is that there are obstacles between you and what you want to achieve. These obstacles are reducing your productivity and profitability because they waste your time and time is money. From years and years of experience taken from all kinds of user-computer environments and problems we are here to tell you that all of the time wasted on computers comes from a lack of two very simple things.


Planning   and   Training


Yes  ALL the time wasted on computers comes from neglecting these two things - You may find this hard to believe but we assure you that it's true, let us explain....

Network Support

Nearly all service loss due to power outages, system malfunctions, data corruptions are avoidable; it just depends how important uptime is to you and how much it is prudent to spend to achieve an acceptable level. Even Google and Yahoo experience downtime, and the sensible company plans downtime as a regular occurrence so that users are aware when availability of a system is looming and so plan their operations around it. Regular users of Google Adwords™ or Yahoo™ will have seen notices pertaining to system outages, most which will be regular service checks and expansion to the systems to make sure that there is no unexpected disruption to their services. If you wish to invest in a system to guarantee 99.99% uptime, you will be investing in backup systems with backup systems with backup systems, all of which need careful monitoring and incur considerable cost. If you have a single layer system - and most of us do - then you might expect a 90% uptime and the remaining 10% is only wasted if it is unexpected. If you pay for 90% uptime and you get it when you expect it, then you are working sensibly and within your means.

Network Solutions

Specialist Hosting

Your system needs to be designed with you in mind and as a result we make sure that we are not obliged to sell any particular brand of hardware or software and only recommend products that meet our exceptional standards in testing. All of our systems are supplied as complete and installed by us. We supply all of our server systems or home business systems with internet connectivity supplied and choose the best Internet Service Provider based on your requirements.

Before we supply any solution we meet with our prospective client and discuss the requirement fully before making any decision about what might be the best route to follow before purchasing and installing a system. We have strong beliefs on how to run a business network and those beliefs are built on many years in the information technology trade. Many of the problems that slow or halt your use of computers can be traced to the way you are using them.

Computer Consultancy

Work from Home

Your systems are designed to be used in a certain way, and we must make sure that it is compatible with what you need to achieve. To make this possible we first must find out what it is you want to do. We can design and implement a system for you whether you have a small or home office, a medium sized business or a large wide area network spanning many sites. Connectivity is our specialty and we believe in making the most of the internet to bring people together. Remote administration and problem resolution are at the heart of our solutions to bring improved response times to our services and increase customer care and efficiency.

Internet  Policies

Our customer care starts with making sure that the customer gets the most out of a system and we believe that training your staff is intrinsic to keeping your efficiency levels at a maximum. We also believe that training increases system reliability and decreases downtime due to data corruption or system malfunction because invalid inputs and misinformation is kept to minimum. We advise all of our clients to strongly consider coupling a new system with ongoing staff training, working closely with us in their office environment to expand user knowledge as an ongoing part of our association with them. If you want to see how we can tailor them to you then call us on (0118) 323 1686 or fill in the form here.


System Sharing

Packages Available:

If you would like to further investigate any of the following services, please contact us here. Whatever your needs, we offer a suitable package.



You can also get free advice from our support professionals at http://ReadAllAboutIT.org.uk by registering as a user and posting an article. We will then post our solutions so everyone else can get the benefit.

We resolve over 90% of calls without calling round to your office using remote control and expert 'over-the-phone' technical advice.

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  • One off fixes

  • IT System Audits

  • Network Analysis and Configuration

  • IT System Building/Installation

  • Desktop Installation/Repair/Optimisation

  • Server Installs/Replacements/Repairs/Configurations

  • Network Upgrades/Installs

  • Remote Control Computer Support

  • Remote Dial-In Users/Teleworkers/Teleworking

  • VPN Solutions/VoIP Solutions

  • Remote Site Connectivity

  • Antivirus Installs/Virus Removal & Spy-ware Removal

  • Printer/Scanner/Camera Hardware Installs and Support

  • Broadband/Wireless Broadband Router Installs and Support

We are one of London's Premier IT Solution and Support providers with articles appearing regularly in local press to diagnose problems for home and business users in the community.


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