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Your Computer System Audit
A computer system audit of your offices  - this is where to begin if you want to join the sircles.net computer support network or start with email hosting.

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 We are offering your first month of Computer Systems Support or Email Hosting FREE with any of our remote computer support router or email hosting deals  so you can discover the time and money saving advantages of our remote control or hosting solutions.


Microsoft Exchange Server Email Hosting
Cloud Computing - Host your computer system or keep hosted email in our datacentre
Fixed cost IT contracts
☻Professional IT support right when you need it
☻Full computer network support  provided by skilled professionals
☻Providing IT Support services across London and the Home Counties
☻Microsoft Operation System server support
☻Microsoft Operating Systems PC Support
☻Dedicated help desk with remote support

home office computer support

Get your home office it's own support team!

Our remote support systems allow for us to be looking at your computer issues immediately and resolving them that much sooner as we do not need to travel to get to you. Our online monitoring and regular check-ups of your system integrity or backups make sure your system is doing what it has to do whilst you get on with your work.

Spy-ware and Ad-ware

 We can remedy any spy-ware issues with our superior knowledge of Windows™ and also set you up to be far more resilient to unwanted computer processes in future. We do not believe in a hundred anti-spy-ware and ad-ware applications running on your computer as they will slow your system down and cause as many problems as the viruses themselves. A good anti-virus package will be getting rid of every unwanted process and keep your system protected and running smoothly.

Click Here To get an engineer out to look at your system or have someone examine your problem remotely using our remote assistance systems.

Click Here To get the low-down on how to remove spy-ware/ad-ware from  your computer and protect yourself from viruses and spy-ware in future use of the internet.

Get yourself a Support Team!

VPN Tunnels allow us to send secure communications from network to network using specialist software or hardware which then in turn allow us to browse a remote network as if we were plugged straight in. All of the hosts (workstations, servers or anything else with a Network Interface Card) on that network are available to us for remote administration or monitoring. These features also allow us to perform remote backups of other networks or even silently restore data back to remote storage, keeping clients operating as much of the time as possible in the face of system failure or data loss. All of our VPNs are devised to use the most secure encryption available. We  invariably use 256 Bit AES Rijndael encryption or 3DES/SHA1 IPSec over L2TP. The only limits to the systems we use come from available bandwidth and processing power and we will always tailor a system to the environment and inform you of any measures taken or otherwise due to the presented situation. Either way we do not install anything we believe to lack sufficient security or performance for your requirements.

VoIP allows us to communicate freely with our clients over extended periods as we do not have to pay for any of the telephone bills because the phone calls travel via the internet just as if we were communicating with email. Now that broadband is the most common form of internet connectivity in the UK, it is important that you make use of it. A telephone call uses up less bandwidth of a broadband connection than a traditional modem bandwidth does and so multiple conversations can be streamed between different sites all at once without any call charges. Our systems can connect you to your main office site and connect you to your office phone and data network seamlessly via your broadband connection at home. Your telephone network in the office can be assigned an extra extension number to connect with the phone on your desk at home and you will be connected directly to your office network as soon as you pick up your home office phone. You can then make use of the VoIP reduced call rates to other traditional phone users, a pricelist is available here.

Speak to us regarding a service that will keep you moving with your business. We can tailor a solution to meet your requirements and provide service when you need it. Get yourself started making use of your IT.

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