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Your Computer System Audit
A computer system audit of your offices  - this is where to begin if you want to join the sircles.net computer support network or start with email hosting.

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1 Month Support Free

 We are offering your first month of Computer Systems Support or Email Hosting FREE with any of our remote computer support router or email hosting deals  so you can discover the time and money saving advantages of our remote control or hosting solutions.


Microsoft Exchange Server Email Hosting
Cloud Computing - Host your computer system or keep hosted email in our datacentre
Fixed cost IT contracts
☻Professional IT support right when you need it
☻Full computer network support  provided by skilled professionals
☻Providing IT Support services across London and the Home Counties
☻Microsoft Operation System server support
☻Microsoft Operating Systems PC Support
☻Dedicated help desk with remote support


     What is your requirement..??

Wireless LAN Router

Network Switch for Connecting Many Computers Together

Small Business
Medium Sized Business
Larger Networks

 Our smaller site computer solutions provide security and remote control problem resolution enabling us to solve 90% of problems instantly without calling into your offices. more

 For Busier offices sharing large volumes of data:  We perform a full analysis of your office and design a computer solution for you. more

Your computer solution is a very important resource and our services are designed to guard it carefully. Remote control problem resolution and monitoring enable us to keep your computer solution up and running. more


   get your business connected.....
  • Work from the same information wherever you are with our internet access plans for your data.

  • Share the same data across many sites seamlessly saving time and cost just by using normal broadband.

  • Tie all your services up into one computer solution - email, website and data storage - managed and protected by us.

 Many offices are too small to warrant investing in computer solutions just for only a few people to use at a time. Costs will quickly be mounting if you have ten sites each with only a handful of people. We can offer several computer solutions that can make the problem a lot simpler by actually connecting all of the sites across the internet as if they were one. Our computer solutions can turn your office network into a way of organising your information and safeguarding it with offsite backups to protect you against the disaster. Our computer solutions are not as expensive as you might think, and you can get a basic idea of the kind of package that we can tailor for you just by choosing your company or site size below:

 Your Information Systems can be made to run smoothly and usefully with a little careful attention. Most computer networks need little more than a small level of redesign coupled with a few simple days training so staff and management are aware of how to do things, and how not to do things. All of the products we supply come with the option of continued service. We have a range of services to suit the differing requirements of our clients, and each has been designed to allow different sizes of enterprise to make the most of their information.


Our systems are designed to fit into your environment and we can tailor a network to be subtle and out of sight if it need exist in an area that is also open to your clients. If you cannot install cables under the floor or are working from a listed building then perhaps a wireless network is best suited to you, or a system that incorporates your existing power circuits or both. We are always glad to explain how any of our solutions can be made to work for you.


other solutions:

Talk Across the Internet


With the latest VoIP techniques sircles.net can organise phone systems for your offices with no extra rental costs with 0870 or 0845 numbers that allow toll-free voice communication from one office to the other. Voice over IP does not have to be expensive and out of your reach. With the systems we can integrate into your office you will soon have paid for your new equipment. Have a look at the benefits that the amazing features of VoIP can bring you VoIP Info.

  Using Your Existing Power Cabling as a Computer Network

Another option for connectivity in tricky or older buildings is to use the power cabling as your network. The latest high speed power cable networking products allow networks to seamlessly run through your power system from plug to plug and are very discreet and affordable.

This technology can be used in conjunction with wireless technologies to allow for any size or design of offices. The power cable networks are effective until they reach your power meter when the signal is re-regulated preventing any possibility of other offices seeing your data. The systems are easily installed and  are a fantastic new method for cabling without fuss. Tell me more about networking via electric circuits...


Sharing Systems and Servers


 Many smaller retail outlets or shops typically have only a few members at each site and require no server simply because the advantage does not outweigh the costs. In this case email addresses tend to be maintained by a another body such as Yahoo™ or similar. Data in these situations might be safeguarded by saving to floppy disk or some local backup device and then being taken offsite in case of theft or fire. If there are many branches of the retailer then most data sharing is usually by email or phone. sircles.net can organize different sites to all share the same network for data and telecoms, significantly reducing communication and time wasted. Server System Sharing


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