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A computer system audit of your offices  - this is where to begin if you want to join the sircles.net computer support network or start with email hosting.

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 We are offering your first month of Computer Systems Support or Email Hosting FREE with any of our remote computer support router or email hosting deals  so you can discover the time and money saving advantages of our remote control or hosting solutions.


Microsoft Exchange Server Email Hosting
Cloud Computing - Host your computer system or keep hosted email in our datacentre
Fixed cost IT contracts
☻Professional IT support right when you need it
☻Full computer network support  provided by skilled professionals
☻Providing IT Support services across London and the Home Counties
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☻Microsoft Operating Systems PC Support
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 Equip Your Office..

  We can supply your home or office with it's own server and still be able to manage it remotely through your connection to sircles.net. The server is capable of storing your data for sharing among all of your staff and can also be loaded with software to give faster access to your company email. Typical server installations are for accounting systems or CRM software used by larger companies wishing to hold their own data and who require secure storage. When sircles.net  perform an analysis of your system and company practice they will draw up a server specification based on reliability, cost, space, performance and redundancy. The servers we supply are fully equipped to do automated backups and if you wish to keep the backups onsite they only need be fed a tape each night otherwise they can back up to head office overnight so that a remote backup has automatically been taken. We keep an eye on all of the results as well as instructing the server to notify whom ever you wish upon site. Let us know which accounting system or application you are thinking about using and why and we will take you through every step of how to choose.

Please fill in the form below and contact the support desk for a chat as to whether you would be advised to own one or not. Our customised servers are especially useful for Bespoke customer applications that require a high level of reliability to that customer succeed.

The server is a central storage place for all of your information and is also capable of hosting your own website. We place careful consideration before purchasing one for you as they are complicated and precious but when installed suitably and situated in a safe place, will run your network quietly and swiftly.

     Servers Start from 499.99


  • All Servers are fully customised for each client before purchase and nothing unnecessary is added and nothing needed left out..

  • Faster Access to your Information regardless of connection to the Internet

  • Hosting Capability for your own Customised Web-site or Web-Enabled application

  • Remote Management and Connection by VPN to our own security and Management Centre including remote backup service.

  • Optional Email system for complete independence and super fast email attachments and messaging.

Pricing - Please be aware there may be additional licensing and installation costs for people using the server. There are also costs involved for continued support of each item of equipment.

Secured and managed server networks are available from 999 including everything you need to get you connected* to the sircles.net network. Your own email domain and web page as well as a super-fast internet connection and network integrated faxing and antivirus. Call one of our agents on 0118 323 1686 for an explanation of the features or to get a price on the right network for you.

*Extra costs may apply


*All prices include Windows 2003 or Small Business Server as appropriate and are licensed to connect 5 users. Antivirus costs will be extra on this price as will any other licenses required.

Servers receive support for 3 months on hardware/software after purchase but please have a look at our Services page for packages looking after your whole network as any weak link in security is a possible entry point for malicious software or viruses.

Customers who have taken the server option are advised that sircles.net require an Antivirus Solution be purchased before any system can be connected to the sircles.net network.

Remote Monitoring:

 Your computers will need reconfiguration from time to time as all computer systems do. Our servers keep an eye on all of your systems and warn us if we need to take action. We can also take control of your computer and see for ourselves what needs to be done and so fix 90% of issues without having to visit your premises which keeps our costs (and so your costs) down.
No extra software is required but there is a set-up charge per machine for this service and a monthly charge per machine or user per month thereafter. Please see our Services page for details of ongoing support services. It's just like having the support team in the building!

Remote Monitoring Advantages

  • Any function that we can perform sitting at the computer can be dome remotely

  • Diagnosis and fixes can be done without calling round to your office saving you money and time

  • All communications are made secure with our Virtual Private Networking systems

Remote Backup - The Facts:

The law insists that businesses take care:

"You must safeguard your own or anyone else's data, by appropriate precautions against loss, corruption or unauthorized disclosure" - Data Protection Act, 1998

With proper security and backup procedures in place you can be backup and running with minimal time lost. Have a look at some suggested solutions here.

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 Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

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What alternative solutions are on offer
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