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A computer system audit of your offices  - this is where to begin if you want to join the sircles.net computer support network or start with email hosting.

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 We are offering your first month of Computer Systems Support or Email Hosting FREE with any of our remote computer support router or email hosting deals  so you can discover the time and money saving advantages of our remote control or hosting solutions.


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 getting connected

 Getting connected to the sircles.net network means that you are part of a bigger family with a bigger picture. The net in sircles.net stands for network and indicates a different way of thinking about our clients. We are connected to our customers so that we can be close to them and remain that way. We don't connect you to anything else, just us, so that we can monitor your system for performance and reliability. All the connections to our clients are isolated so that each client cannot know that the other exists to keep everyone safe and secure. All of your antivirus protection and spam prevention systems are monitored and kept up to date by us because we can see what status they are in. 



 We offer solutions that take remote technology a stage further. On top of being able to remote control your machines to save 90% of your waiting and  extra costs due to our travelling to you we can also coordinate solutions that mean you use our servers from your office! If you are a smaller company or site then you will not want to buy a server and network just so that three people can use it. Our solutions enable you to share our servers with us for your file storage and email so that everything is taken care of with your data because we look after it 24/7. Our 'across the web' solutions are thoroughly secured using the latest encryption techniques and appear totally seamless to our clients. This means that you can save your files or use your email server just as if it were sitting in your office and without the worry of security and maintenance. We divide up the costing of our services to a per user basis so that you can customize our services to fit your needs. We recommend broadband connections from preferred suppliers, which we can coordinate for you, you can have a look at pricing structure for business broadband connections here.

Our Service Features:

  • Full Service Connection for any number of clients to the internet

  • Options for a server that will host your email, data and website from our offices that we will administer and backup for you so you never have to check on backups etc. - see our Specialist Hosting Solutions.

  • Built in firewall preventing anyone seeing your desktop computers from the Internet

  • Fully equipped connection to our headquarters allowing us to remotely repair 90% of problems and monitor your system.

  • Automatic detection and redirection of unwanted spam and virus messages

  • Remote backup features allowing sircles.net to securely store and backup your data remotely and features that allow you to continue using the system even if the internet is down

Email Services:

Once you are connected to sircles.net you can begin to make use of the services you have requested. Our Email servers can be used in a variety of different ways and can perform a rich array of functions. As all of your email accounts will be on the same server -  even if you have multiple sites - you can look up where everyone else is by querying their calendar. Different tasks can be assigned to different staff members across the system from site to site by individual or using specified groups. The email server is capable of sharing all of the components of your Microsoft Office Outlook folders in practically any way you specify and permissions can be applied so as to make sure what is private or sensitive information remains as so. All of our email accounts can be viewed across the web from home or even via certain mobile phones and handheld devices. Have a look at our prices below or fill in the form at the bottom of the page to find out more.

Email services are charged per user and each user gets a separate account including contacts, calendar, tasks and journal which can be configured as readable or writable in many different ways by their work mates. Each account has a 9.95 set-up fee and costs 9.95 pcm per user for Microsoft Exchange or 2.95 for POP3 and WebMail access.


Email Features:

  • Complete Enterprise Level Email Server connection with all the usual shared and private resources including group email addresses, shared tasks and calendaring and access from the internet or POP3 or IMAP clients

  • Built in virus checking for your emails at the server to stop unwanted spam and viruses.

  • Full backup every weekday of your email system so that you can retrieve lost data

  • Each user gets their own email address at a domain name you specify and purchase for as little as 3.00/year

  • Different security levels for different documents and workers available for specific sharing of different files etc.


Remote File Servers and Services:

One of the most important issues facing a lot of small businesses who are reliant on their computer data is how to make sure they do not incur data loss. Rebuilding and retrieving data costs quite enough without having to face up to having lost all record of transactions etc which can have a spectacular impact upon revenue and future business. Smaller companies all over the world are backing up vital information to media like floppy disks which are wholly unreliable and easily lost or misplaced. Once you are connected to the sircles.net enterprise network you can save your files to a specially prepared server across you secure connection to our head offices as if it was your own network. Our server is then backed up Monday - Friday nights and the data is then stored at a separate premises to ensure no data is at risk by more than a day. Clients with Windows 2000 or later can be configured to hold an offline copy of their files so as to be able to keep working even if the connection is lost.

The file services are charged at a one off fee of 9.99 for set-up of folders and security and 4.99  per 100MB capacity per month thereafter.

Remote Server Features:

  • Complete Enterprise Level email server connection and all the security associated with larger networks

  • Built in virus checking for your files at the server to stop unwanted spy ware and viruses.

  • Full backup every weekday of your file system so that you can retrieve lost data

  • Each user gets their own directory path name you specify as well as shared directories

  • Different security levels for different folders and workers available for the specific sharing of sensitive information


Remote Monitoring:

 Your computers will need reconfiguration from time to time as all computer systems do. Our servers keep an eye on all of your systems and warn us if we need to take action. We can also take control of your computer and see for ourselves what needs to be done and so fix 90% of issues without having to visit your premises which keeps our costs (and so your costs) down.
No extra software is required but there is a set-up charge per machine for this service and a monthly charge per machine or user per month thereafter. Please see our Services page for details of ongoing support services. It's just like having the support team in the building!

Remote Monitoring Advantages

  • Any function that we can perform sitting at the computer can be dome remotely

  • Diagnosis and fixes can be done without calling round to your office saving you money and time

  • All communications are made secure with our Virtual Private Networking systems


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