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Vigor 3300V Enterprise Firewall

Vigor 3300V Vigor3300VDrayTek Enterprise Product

The Vigor 3300 router is designed specifically for the enterprise customer and is equipped for large networks that operate over x21 leased line or between Fast Ethernet network segments. The WAN ports on the 3300 are not ADSL RJ11 ports but require to be connected to Fast Ethernet RJ45. If you wish to use the 3300 with ADSL you will have to connect the WAN ports to ADSL via an ADSL modem/router. The 3300 comes with two bays that can house either FXS interfaces supplying telephone sockets for VoIP facilities when you connect standard telephone handsets or FXO sockets which can be connected to PSTN lines or PBX extensions. Typical uses for the 3300 series would be for a head office that wishes to be a hub for the connection of many smaller satellite offices using the 2800 and 2900 series with VoIP integration as well as PPTP/L2TP dial-in user - the VPNs can be tied to Windows Server RADIUS for per user access from Active Directory. Such a situation might involve several leased lines or other DSL connections allowing for failover between WAN ports using dynamic DNS. The four FXO/FXS ports can then be used to integrate directly into the head office PBX to allow free calls to the 2800V or 2900V sites. As well as enterprise scope incorporating failover, VPN and VoIP, the 3300 is also a comprehensive security device. Surf Control, whitelisting and blacklisting are all supported allowing for an enterprise user network to make the most of the internet safely.

The 3300 is also a great Firewall for Webserver warehouses as the load balancing and QoS capabilities are not to be found on other devices in this price range. Support for DoS attacks and port scanning come as standard and make for a powerful deterrent. Incredible NAT capability and multi WAN failover also allow for hosts to have reliability stakes good enough to warrant clustering and multi-router master/slave router configurations for 99.9%+ uptime installs.

  • Robust & Comprehensive Firewall
  • Up to eight VoIP (Voice-over-IP) ports (Optional Modules)
  • High Performance VPN Server - Up to 200 simultaneous VPN Tunnels
  • Dedicated VPN Processor
  • Load-balanced WAN Ports (2-4) & WAN-Port Failover for High-Availability
  • Port Based VLAN or 802.1q based VLAN
  • Physical DMZ Ports (1-3)
  • QoS Assurance
  • Content Filtering

£339 + Packing & VAT


Vigor 3100 SDSL Router


Vigor3100 - Product Highlights

  • SDSL Router & Firewall

  • SDSL Compatibility : G.SHDSL / G.991.2, up to 2.3Mb/s Full duplex/symmetric
    (Not compatible with ADSL)

  • Easy to use user interface for setup and control

  • Four-Port Ethernet autosensing 10/100BaseT Switch

  • VPN Server for up to 32 simultaneous tunnels

  • Stateful Packet Inspection for NAT and Fully routed connections

  • Internet URL Content Filtering (Blacklist or White-list)

  • Parental Control with Surfcontrol™

  • Block IM & P2P Applications

  • QoS Assurance for mission-critical applications/services

  • Time Scheduling for Internet Access

  • Virtual LAN (VLAN) - Segment PCs into distinct Ethernet groups

  • USB Printer Port - share regular printer centrally

  • SNMPv2, Syslog, uPNP & Radius Support

£169 + Packing & VAT

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