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Vigor 2800/2900 ADSL Routers

 The DrayTek Vigor 2800V has two phone sockets, to provide Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) facilities - just like having two extra voice phone lines. VoIP enables you to use your existing broadband capacity to carry regular voice calls to suitably equipped remote sites, for example another Vigor 2800V router. The Vigor 2800V also has enhanced VPN capacity and Internet content filtering. Versions are also available with an ISDN interface and a built-in wireless access point.



The calls between the two sites in the example above are free of charge because they are making use of your existing always-on ADSL connection, but cost isn't the only advantage; using VOIP means that you have additional call capacity in your home or office, without tying up your regular phone line.

The voice calls (speech) are compressed in real time to make maximum use of the bandwidth, similar to the way that an MP3 audio file contains compressed sound and other internet activities (e.g. web browsing) run simultaneously with the VOIP calls. A preset QoS system automatically gives voice traffic priority.

"Of the different manufacturers tested, we were able to get both the Vigor2600VG and Vigor2500V routers up and running and making VoIP calls in a matter of minutes, both to other SIP users and out to the public phone network. Call quality in both instances was excellent using the default codecs. Both Vigor routers have features to recommend them and with good support from manufacturer and distributor, they're well worth looking at. "
Personal Computer World, March 2005

Personal Computer World - March 2005

"With many of the ADSL routers offering a similar set of features, the DrayTek stands out a mile...The DrayTek offers some incredibly powerful filtering technology.... There are some great advanced features too. The DrayTek was quick in our [wireless] benchmarks too; with no encryption, we transferred 100Mb in just one minute and this rose by only three seconds with full WPA encryption enabled. Even at medium [wireless] range the connection remained strong and took just 65 seconds. The Vigor2600VG is undeniably the best-featured router in the labs. Verdict : Plenty of useful features, including an integrated ADSL modem and extensive VoIP support more than justify the price. "
PC Pro, September 2005. ******

PC Pro Award for Vigor2600VG - September 2005

"Setup is incredibly easy: you just plug the ADSL phone line into the Vigor, open its Web configuration page and tell it to autodetect your ADSL settings. Once it's done that, just enter the username and password given by your ISP, and you're off. Ease of use was a recurring theme with this product; The Vigor's simple Web-style controls make it easy to set up a VPN, and we were soon browsing our network from a location 10 miles away. The Vigor is also fast. It completed our long-range (wireless) file transfer test in just 59 seconds: one of the best times we've seen."
Computer Buyer, May 2005 ******

Computer Buyer - May 2005 - Best for Business Award

Features :

  • ADSL Router & Firewall with built-in ADSL modem
  • Four port 10/100BaseT Switch, with VLAN and port throttling
  • Internet/VPN Facilities as per the Vigor 2600Plus router
  • Optional 802.11g Wireless LAN built-in (Vigor2600VG or Vigor2600VGi)
  • Internet Content/URL Filtering (See later)
  • Voice calls can be carried over existing ADSL connection
  • Two VOIP ports (RJ11 to BT type sockets)
  • Automatic QoS Assurance for Voice-over-IP Calls
  • Integration with the PSTN via ITSP (e.g. DrayTel) enabling you
    to make/recieve calls from regular phone lines
  • Configurable/Selectable QoS for other services
  • Output of ring current and call progress tones (dialtone, busy, ring)
  • FXS Phone Ports - Connect any standard analogue phone into the phone ports

Internet Magazine - Great Verdict

PC Plus Magazine - High Rating







How it works

Using the Voice-over-IP facility is simple. You connect any standard telephone to one of the two phone ports on the unit. In the simplest usage mode, you lift the handset and dial the IP address of the remote unit ( * is used in place of the normal dot). The router then contacts the remote router and the phone connected at the other site then rings - the Vigor2600V provides ring current and call progress tones to the handset (dialtone, ring tone etc.). The remote user lifts his handset and the two parties can then talk to each other. More conveniently, you use the phone book to dial remote users with a short code and a SIP registar/proxy to locate users automatically without needing to know their IP address.

PSTN Integration via DrayTEL service

DrayTEL - How does it all fit together ?

Calls between VoIP users can be made simply by dialling each other's IP addresses, but as IP addresses are long and can change, a SIP registrar (such as DrayTEL) can allocate you a more convenient ID for people to call you on. A SIP ID/address, for example, might be 899899@draytel.org. Then other SIP users can call you on your DrayTEL address (even if they don't use DrayTEL themselves).

The DrayTEL server also provides another important facility - a gateway to the PSTN. This means that using your Vigor2600V, you can not only free make calls to other VoIP/SIP users, but you can call any regular telephone line or mobile phone too (calls to the PSTN are chargeable at attractive DrayTEL rates). DrayTEL can also allocate your own personal '0870' (national rate) phone number for anyone to call you on.

With your router you'll receive a voucher entitling to a free DrayTEL account, free allocation of your 0870 number and £2.00 worth of call credit to make calls to regular phone lines worldwide (you can buy more credit). Remember call credit is only needed for calls to the PSTN - VoIP-to-VoIP calls are always free so any friends/colleagues or remote office who also have compatible VoIP can be called or call you for free. There is no charge to you to receive calls from the PSTN via your DrayTEL 0870 number and there is no rental charge.

Note : The DrayTEL service is operated independently of DrayTek Corp. and usage is subject to DrayTEL's own service terms. Voucher valid in UK/NI only.

Phone Directory - Quick Dialling

Rather than having to type (dial) a whole IP address each time, the Vigor2600V has a quick-dial directory for up to 99 entries so that you can use a short code (of your choice) in place of a long IP address, as well as enabling you to store SIP registrary names or dynamic DNS names. The router will automatically keep the SIP registrar updated with your current location (by IP address) so you do not need a fixed IP address.

Dial Plan Setup

Automatic QoS Assurance for VoIP

Traffic levels from your local users to the Internet can vary; if someone else on your router is downloading, that will affect your speeds. Mostly that's quite tolerable - you just get your data a little slower but you wouldn't normally notice. With VoIP, things are different. A voice call has to be digitised, transmitted to the remote end and the turned back into an analogue waveform (sound!) in real-time. If part of a packet is delayed then the sound becomes jerky and intermittent which at best is annoying and in worst cases intolerable. The Vigor2600V firstly uses efficient codecs designed to make the best use of available bandwidth, but secondly includes automatic QoS Assurance. QoS (Quality of Service) Assurance reserves part of your Internet bandwidth for voice calls whilst a voice call is active (the reserved bandwidth is available for regular use if there is no Voice call active). This means that, regardless of what else other people are doing on your Network, you will always have the necessary inbound and outbound bandwidth reserved exclusively for Voice.

Software Compatibility

Windows Messenger        X-Lite

As well as being able to call to another Vigor2600V, you can receive calls from users of compatible PC software, notably Windows Messenger (Version 4.7 or later, shown left) and the popular X-Lite software (shown right). Both of these pieces of software are free. You can also make and receive calls from any other SIP compliant VOIP devices.

Technical Specification of VOIP features :

  • Versatile dedicated DSP processor for VOIP codec functions
  • Toll-quality voice performance
  • Industry Standard VOIP & Compression Protocols :
    • SIP
    • G.711 A - Law / u - Law
    • G.726 ( 40, 32, 24 & 16 kbps )
    • G.723.1 ( TrueSpeech / Annex A VAD / CNG )
    • G.729A & B ( VAD / CNG )
    • Fixed gain control
    • G.168 Line Electrical Echo cancellation
    • Jitter Buffer ( 125 ms )
  • Signalling Methods : In-band, Out-band or SIP-Info
  • Compatible with 3rd party VoIP Gateways and ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers)
  • Toll Quality Voice with QoS implementation for VOIP including :
    • Low latency queuing ( LLQ )
    • Policy-based routing
    • Random Early Detection
  • Support for VoIP through VPN tunnels
  • Warranty : Three (3) year manufacturer's RTB warranty

Click here to see an example scenario

Vigor2600V Rear Panel


Vigor2600V Series - Specification Highlights

  • Combination ADSL Modem, router, firewall, print-server and Voice-over-IP device
  • ADSL Interface compliant with :
    • ADSL & RADSL
    • ATM Protocols : G.DMT, AAL5, ATM UNI3.1/4.0 PVC, up to 8PVCs, MPoA (RFC1483/2684), OAM F4/F5 Loopback (ITU-T I.610), ILMI.
    • Auto-Rate Negotiation. RADSL compatible.
  • Twin phone ports - Connect any regular analogue telephone phone
  • Compatible with all UK ADSL lines and all ISPs
  • Four-Port 10/100BaseT autosensing Ethernet interface with manual speed over-ride (expandable)
  • Virtual LAN (VLAN) Facility - Enables you to segment the Ethernet ports to provide common or exclusive Ethernet access to the other segments (see earlier).
  • Ethernet port throttling - Each of the four 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports can be limited to a maximum throughput (RX/TX selectable). e.g. Port 1 could be set to provide max 256Kb/s to prevent individual users, or LAN branches from consuming too much of your broadband bandwidth.
  • Print Server capability via built-in USB port. Compatible with most standard printers with a USB port and any Windows 98SE, 2000 or XP client PC.
  • Internet Firewall facilities featuring :
    • Automatic Keep-state facility for tracking packets and denying unsolicitied incoming data
    • Selectable DoS/DDoS protection
    • IP Address anti-spoofing
    • User-configurable packet-filtering
    • NAT/PAT with Port Forwarding/Redirection & DMZ
  • Internet Content Filtering features selectable :
    • URL (web-site) blocking by user-defined keyword. e.g. enter 'fredbloggs' into the blocking list and users will be unable to access www.fredbloggs.com etc.
    • Prevent accessing of web sites by using their direct IP address (thus URLs only)
    • Blocking automatic download of Java applets and ActiveX controls
    • Blocking of web site cookies
    • Block http downloads of file types :
      • Binary Executable : .EXE / .COM / .BAT / .SCR / .PIF
      • Compressed : .ZIP / .SIT / .ARC / .CAB/. ARJ / .RAR
      • Multimedia : .MOV / .MP3 / .MPEG / .MPG / .WMV / .WAV / .RAM / .RA / .RM / .AVI / .AU
      • Time Schedules for enabling/disabling the restrictions and regular Internet access
  • VPN facilities :
    • High performance VPN with dedicated co-processor : Up to 16 simulteneous VPN tunnels.
    • Dial-in or dial-out, LAN-to-LAN or Teleworker-to-LAN
    • Protocol support for PPTP, L2TP, IPSec (MD-5 & SHA-1)
    • Encryption : MPPE, DES/3DES & AES
    • PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) - Adds additional key protection
    • Pre-shared/IKE keying
    • IKE Phase 1 Agressive/Standard Modes & Phase 2 Selectable lifetimes
    • Radius Support for dial-in teleworker profiles
    • Compatible with other leading 3rd party vendor VPN devices
  • Wireless Features (Vigor2600VGi and Vigor2600VG only) :
    • Wireless client connectivity to the Internet and to other wireless/wired PCs for peer-to-peer networking
    • 54Mb/Sec Maximum Total Wireless Network capacity (depending on environment)
    • Wireless range up to max 200M (open space) and typically up to 50M direct line of sight in buildings/homes. Performance will vary considerably depending on environment (obstructions, walls, ceilings, building type etc.)
    • Twin aerials to give best coverage and diversity (higher-gain aerials are available as an optional extra)
    • Compatible with any client device complying with the 802.11g Protocol
    • Backward compatible with 802.11b devices
    • WLAN Time Schedule - Wireless can be disabled at certain times of day (e.g. out of hours)
    • Wireless Security Features :
      • VPN over WLAN - supporting IPSec/3DES encryption
      • 802.1x User Authentication
      • WPA Data Encryption (Feature est. avail. March 2004)
      • 64/128bit WEP wireless encryption
      • Client MAC Address locking
      • SSID stealthing
      • Wireless interface can be disabled when required (from web interface)
  • ISDN Features (Vigor2600VGi only):
    • Compatible with ISDN2e, BT's Home/Business Highway & BT Midband™ lines
    • Uses ISDN for shared Internet access (dial-on-demand)
    • Support for 64Kb/s and 128Kb/s (Multilink-PPP)
    • Automatic ISDN backup for Internet access during ADSL failure
    • Bandwidth-on-demand (automatically switches between 64Kb/s and 128Kb/s)
    • Direct ISDN Dial-up LAN-to-LAN connectivity (to another ISDN site)
    • Remote 'teleworker' direct dial-in access to your LAN (from a remote ISDN line)
    • Remote activation of ISP dial-up (dials ISP on receipt of recognised Caller ID)
  • Microsoft uPnP Compliant - The uPnP protocol enables router control and enhanced access for uPnP enabled multimedia applications, such as MSN Messenger etc.
  • SNMP & Syslog control/logging/monitoring
  • Dynamic DNS Posting, compatible with popular services
  • Support for non-NAT public subnets (multiple public IP addresses)
  • LAN Side IP address range and DHCP server/relay is fully configurable
  • RIP & Static Routing configurable
  • VPN Passthrough for VPN client/server running behind the router
  • Easy configuration and monitoring from web-interface and comprehensive diagnostic tools

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