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A computer system audit of your offices  - this is where to begin if you want to join the sircles.net computer support network or start with email hosting.

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 We are offering your first month of Computer Systems Support or Email Hosting FREE with any of our remote computer support router or email hosting deals  so you can discover the time and money saving advantages of our remote control or hosting solutions.


Microsoft Exchange Server Email Hosting
Cloud Computing - Host your computer system or keep hosted email in our datacentre
Fixed cost IT contracts
☻Professional or home Email Hosting
☻Full computer network support  provided by skilled professionals
☻Providing IT Support services across London and the Home Counties
☻Microsoft Operation System server support
☻Microsoft Operating Systems PC Support
☻Dedicated help desk with remote support



The small or home office (S.O.H.O.) is a fast growing area of business because it makes so much sense. Working from home is more important than ever to avoid spending most of the morning stuck in traffic jams - the most efficient way to from one place to another is fast becoming via the internet.

Whether you want to connect just a few key members of your staff seamlessly to the office from their homes or set-up an office system so that any of your workforce can dial-in from any internet connection, our VPN is so simple to use that it is as easy as connecting to the internet. Your computer can be configured to send data for the office to the office and data for the internet to the internet, so all you have to do is use your computer as if you were at work.

Below are some of the features we can incorporate to your system, if you are looking for our help then the earlier that you incorporate technology into your thinking, the easier you will find making it work. Call us on 0118 323 1686 or fill in a contact form here.



Remote Controlled Support to your home enables us to diagnose or fix any problem that the other IT companies fix by calling round to your house.


Remote Storage - keeping your data safe from disaster offsite with us

Antivirus tips and tricks to help you run your new  computer as a tighter ship against attacks


VoIP - You Can Talk Across the Internet with NO Call Costs! Also a great way to have extra phone lines without any fuss!


Free Online Support - Help posted by our IT professionals to you via our forum at http://ReadAllboutIT.org.uk


Work from home with any of our remote connection systems allowing you to use your computer and phone as if you were in the office.


Visit our support partner-site and submit questions about your IT system for FREE or have a search of our information pages to find some data on your problems that have already been posted. The submitted queries are answered by our support professionals so check back as often as you like for a reply. Click here!

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